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Embedded M&A Continues - Atego Makes Another Acquisition

What Happened?


At embedded world this week, Atego announced that it had acquired Blue River Software, a provider of embedded software development tools and related services based out of Nuremberg, Germany.


VDC’s View


Artisan, Aonix, Atego – It doesn’t matter what you call it, this company, or rather this amalgamation of companies, continues to scoop up small companies to expand its size, geographic footprint, as well as the breadth of its technological capabilities.


Although the acquisition will only have a small impact on Atego’s bottom line, it is more noteworthy because it marks a further expansion of Atego’s solutions beyond model-based design (from Artisan) and the niche, but stable Ada and real-time Java (from Aonix).  By expanding their tools and capabilities for C and C++, Atego can potentially enhance their relevance to and gain entry into the vast majority of embedded projects that today use C and C++, which were reported to be used by 86% and 42%, respectively, of the engineers that responded to our 2009 Embedded Engineering Survey.


This acquisition will also serve to further expand the company’s presence in the German automotive market that was initially strengthened by the acquisition of EXTESSY AG in November of last year.  Blue River also reportedly derives additional business from the industrial automation/control and telecommunications vertical markets.


This is just the latest in a recent spree of M&A activity undertaken by Atego/Artisan’s leadership.  To see our coverage of their previous moves, including a Q&A with Atego Chairman James Gambrell, as well as our coverage of other recent industry consolidation, please visit the links below:




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