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The 2011 engineering survey data reports provide insight into the behavior, opinions, and demographics of embedded engineers, the degree to which embedded system engineering tasks are converging, and key system engineering trends likely to impact embedded systems manufacturers and solution providers over the short and long term.

This survey data is based on detailed Web survey responses collected worldwide in the March to July 2011timeframe and offers an understanding about the dynamics of the embedded market as they relate to current and future product development trends. This detailed data provides access to VDC’s extensive knowledge of the embedded engineering community based on the individual report topics.

VDC’s Embedded Software 2011 Market Intelligence Service, Track 2: Embedded Systems Engineering Survey Data, includes five volumes with more than 120 exhibits per volume for:

· Operating Systems;
· Development Tools;
· Vertical Markets;
· Regions and select Countries; and
· Processor Architectures.

Who should be interested?

Software (ESW, ESL, and EDA) and hardware (silicon and board) solution providers (whether currently engaged in the embedded market or not) should find this information of interest, as these reports provide valuable insight into the types of current and future requirements and methodologies that companies are using to engineer embedded devices/systems. This information can be used to assist companies in differentiating their solutions, developing competitive strategies, engineering products that better meet current and future customer requirements, and/or supporting key marketing and sales claims.

Systems manufacturers and semiconductor suppliers will also find value in this data in developing an understanding of key system engineering trends that will impact their business in the short and long term, gaining a perspective on the embedded software and hardware market, and an understanding of the vendor options available to them.

Stayed tuned for further information and sample data to be released from these individual reports.

For further information about VDC’s Embedded Software 20011 Market Intelligence Service contact:
Bob Perugini, Account Director, 508.653.9000 ext. 144, rperugini@vdcresearch.com


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