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Announcing the winner of VDC’s Software Embeddy for the 2012 DESIGN East show!

VDC Research congratulates Parasoft for being selected as the winner of our 8th annual Software Embeddy at the 2012 DESIGN East show!



VDC created and named this honor to highlight companies announcing important advances in the embedded industry. In both hardware and software, the Embeddy is awarded for the most cutting edge product or service for embedded software developers and system engineers.

Parasoft’s announcement of their Open Embedded Testing Platform earned this year’s software award.

The complexity of today's embedded devices is escalating across all industries. In addition, developers often need to incorporate connectivity in their systems, which can introduce vulnerabilities, or they must achieve regulatory compliance...or both

Parasoft's Open Embedded Testing Platform helps organizations respond to these overarching market trends. Software engineers can benefit from the solution's enhanced integration and comprehensive testing platform to respond to growing volume and complexity of embedded code and to address quality and security concerns. 


Check back here later this week for more highlights of this year’s exciting DESIGN East show.


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