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Next Generation Form Factors Leading the Trends in Enterprise Mobility Market

Yesterday, we presented a webcast highlighting key findings from our 2010 surveys on enterprise and government mobility end users.

The adoption of next generation form factors was a significant trend, as organizations are increasingly evaluating emerging solutions to support mobility requirements. Our data indicates a shift away from currently established form factors, such as standard notebooks, toward next generation form factors, such as slate tablets and Smartphones. Opportunities for these devices span multiple segments and application classes—many with high-value customer-facing interactions that leverage the device's intuitive and graphics optimized interfaces.

However, as with any new mobile form factor and device type—especially those initially designed for the consumer market—potential issues and barriers exist. For more details on our thoughts and to see some preliminary findings about enterprise and government mobility end users, we encourage you to listen to the webcast recording and scroll through the slides below.



Keeping Pace with the Enterprise Mobility Solutions Market in 2010

By the end of 2010, the enterprise mobility market will have experienced the most change that we have seen in the past decade.  2009 budgets for enterprise mobility solutions – often one of the last segments of IT budgets to be crimped - were cut.  This exacerbated an already price and margin challenged mobile platform segment and has given managed services and hosted applications considerable traction.

Even before the latest recession, a number of core vertical markets and installation environments were slowing down, offering less margin, and forcing attrition in some supplier community segments.  We expect that this will continue and perhaps even accelerate in 2010.

Three years ago, application software became the first, and most important, solution element to be specified by users.  Today, wireless service is increasingly cited as the number one facet of an enterprise mobility solution to be specified; pushing traditional hardware platform, solution AND ISV providers aside marginally, or in some markets, materially.

These forces above, and others, are making channel architecture and partner decisions much more important. To help companies operating in, or targeting the enterprise mobility market analyze and compare their options - VDC is once again, planning to publish our Enterprise Mobility Solutions Service.  This market research will address the broad range of technology developments and consumer trends which we see unfolding in the enterprise mobility solutions market in 2010 and beyond.

We encourage you to contact us to learn more about this research, which is currently in our founding sponsorship period and provides early subscribers some significant benefits.