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This is very consistent with what we have seen in more than 300 successful RFID projects. The biggest ROI right now is:
- Medical Device and Kit tracking
- IT Asset tracking and security
- Tool and work in process tracking in Aerospace
- Weapons tracking
- Guest interaction and experience in hospitality

The successful RFID implementations moving forward will use an operating system (like EasyEdge) on the reader and eschew the old RFID 1.0 strategy of using cumbersome middleware.

The bar was reset last week when the second largest medical device manufacturer in the world deployed a full production RFID system tracking 50,000 loaner devices in surgical kits in less than ten days. This included infrastructure install, configuration, SAP integration and UAT. Their ROI? Less than a year.

RFID is changing the world and this is the tip of the iceberg. Of course every large retailer will have it in store in the next five years, like WMT.

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