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Consumerization of Security – The Next Big Thing

The day is coming when our cars, shoes, bicycles, and even the floor are all going to be streaming, pinging, uploading, downloading and otherwise communicating with networks and servers to enable all types of cool things.  You’re going to love having the ability to customize the look and feel of your car’s dashboard, to use Google earth to track every bike ride you have ever taken, and know that your elderly parents are safe because of the pattern they walked in their house today.  You’re also going to be concerned that all of these devices are secure.  There’s a lot of buzz around the Internet of Things, but only a handful of forward-thinking companies are paying attention to ensuring that it is secure.  These companies are on the forefront of an emerging trend: the consumerization of security.  While consumers pay very little attention to the security of their devices today, they’re going to get very interested in security in the future, once they understand the risk associated with having their car, their garbage can, and their home security systems all connected to the Internet.  Unfortunately, it’s going to take one highly publicized incident before consumers jump on the security band wagon.  First, hackers will go to great lengths to do bad things- like steal or crash cars, set printers on fire remotely, and reprogram alarm system before breaking in – all by exploiting security weaknesses in next-generation consumer devices and systems.   The media call widespread attention to this issue.  And then consumers are going to start paying attention.  When they shop for their next car, oven, vacuum cleaner, pair of running shoes, or any one of hundreds of other soon-to-be connected products, security will be part of their decision.  Established PC security solution providers are envisioning the building wave of security needs created by The Internet of Things and are moving to cash in.  McAfee or Symantec inside that toaster?  The day is coming when you’re going hope that they are.