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Is Drywall-As-A-Service A Killer App for M2M? Why Not?

We’ve been working on developing use cases to help illustrate our vision for how deeply M2M technology and connectivity are going to infiltrate our world in the coming years.  Sure, we’ve all heard plenty about the connected car, the connected factory, the connected shopper.  A while back we encountered Brother’s new connected sewing machine which we thought was a pretty compelling example of the spread of connectivity into products of yesteryear.  We’re also quite sure that the connected grand piano is coming.  Shouldn’t your sheet music be on a screen instead of in the bench?  And shouldn’t the piano automatically call the technician when it needs to be tuned?  Looks like Steinway could have a nice subscription and service business….and is going to need a datacenter.)  But our new favorite is this: connected drywall.  We can’t say that we’ve seen any news or announcements related to this, but couldn’t drywall be sold with a wide range of embedded sensors – temperature sensors, humidity sensors, motion sensors - that are increasingly being incorporated into smart building?  USG is one of the world’s largest drywall manufacturers, and why couldn’t they get a nickel per drywall sheet per month for access to the data generated by all the connected drywall that gets installed in new buildings around the world?  It’s difficult to predict exactly how far connectivity and services will extend into the connected world of the future, and we acknowledge that drywall-as-a service is an idea of our own creation.  But if connected drywall is within the realm of possibility – and why shouldn’t it be? – the possibilities for M2M are almost as boundless as the imagination.