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Memjet – A License to Print…Money

We speak with the leaders of many incredibly interesting technology companies and innovative start-ups during the course of our work, but one company we recently encountered – Memjet – really stands out.  We encourage you to check out the video on the homepage of their website (one of the best product videos we’ve ever seen).

If you think that color ink jet printing is a big snooze, this company is like a giant brass alarm clock clanging next to your sleepy head.  It’s hard to know what aspect of their business is the one that is creating the most buzz. And you don’t need to be a printer industry executive to get excited  when you see what these folks in San Diego are up to (I had people crowded around my PC when I showed them the demo).

 It could be their breakthrough technology, which uses millions of MEMS-based printing nozzles to spit out 70 color pages per minute. Or it may be the fact that they are turning the entire office and commercial color printing industry on its head. Or it could be the fact that they have their own processor IP, giving them a unique technical advantage over everyone else in the printing industry. Or it may be the implicit knowledge that they’re going to make millions selling proprietary printers and inks.  Or is it their killer marketing video that brings to life what might otherwise be a bunch of printer technobabble?  Actually, it’s all of the above, and more.  We can’t wait to watch this unfold.